Wendron Self Storage

Terms & Conditions


The customer has free and unfettered access to the site and to their contents during normal office hours, outside of which admission to the site will strictly be by appointment only. 


The customer is responsible for insuring their possessions whilst in the care of Wendron Self Storage. We (Wendron Self Storage) make every reasonable effort to ensure that the site and the containers are secure however we have no insurance whatsoever covering the use or the contents of the freight containers.


Wendron Self Storage bear no responsibility whatsoever for the safety, security or condition of any of the goods stored by any customer. Wendron Self Storage take every reasonable measure to keep customers possessions secure and to keep the site secure, however the responsibility is retained by the customer to view the facilities and measures taken and accept any inherent risks associated with using a self storage facility.  The modest fee paid to us is for the hire of the containers on the land provided, and not for any additional security or responsibility held.


Payment should be made for each month in advance in cash, cheque, or by BACS bank transfer or alternatively payment can be made for longer periods of time, dependent on the customers preference.

Outstanding Balance

Any outstanding balance must be settled within the unpaid calendar month otherwise we reserve the right to force entry and auction any contents of the container at any time thereafter. Any monies raised will be used to pay off the unpaid debt to us plus an additional fee of £500 by way of admin charge to cover our transportation and other such costs involved in clearing the container(s).  We will make every reasonable effort to contact the customer in advance of this action, giving the customer 3 days to make settlment before such action may occur.

Left items/contents

Any left items will become the property of us, and will either be auctioned or disposed of if not collected within one calendar month. We will however make reasonable attempts to contact the customer first before any such action, giving the customer 3 days to collect the item(s) in question.

Hazardous items storage

The customer is responsible for storing only non hazardous items. If unsure, the customer should check with us first should they have any  item for storage that may represent a danger to health or property either at the time of storage or through the passage of time. All containers of chemicals should be shown to us before storage and no organic matter that will rot or decay shall normally be allowed to be stored. If unsure, the customer must check with us first.

Fair and reasonable use policy

The customer must use the container and site in general in a fair and reasonable manor. By booking self storage with us, the customer is hiring the use of the space within the freight container(s) hired and also occasional and transient use of the site space in order to gain access to the storage container. Vehicle access is permitted only for the purpose of loading and unloading and only for the reasonable amount of time this should take. No long stay parking is allowed unless prior permission is granted first by us.